Why OneClock?

The Origins of One Clock.

Wake Up Better.

A few years ago, we had an idea for a new kind of alarm clock to replace the phones on our nightstands. We wanted something simple, clean, tactile, and elegant - without any apps, screens, or unnecessary features. Something that would wake us up gently, with thoughtful music instead of a digital beeper or blaring buzzer.

We believe if you wake up better, you’ll think better, breathe better, love better, and maybe even make the world a little better.

Custom content

Built for generations

In our current culture of Amazon and Walmart convenience, the approach we took to design a simple analog alarm clock was unorthodox. We prioritized beautiful, minimal design and lasting quality to create a clock that feels like a timeless piece of functional art.

Designed to disconnect

We set out to make your bedroom a sanctuary again, without all the devices and screens that seem to sneak stress and distractions in between the sheets with you.

Our Team

  • Jamie Kripke
    designer & founder

    Jamie Kripke

    Jamie’s mom handed down her used Minolta SLR when he was 15, which led to his first job as a photographer for the high school newspaper. In the 30+ years since, he has become an award winning commercial photographer, director, and artist, creating work for a diverse group of clients including Audi, Dwell, ESPN, The New Yorker, Visa, and Wired. His artwork combines photography and illustration, drawing inspiration from alpine landscapes, abstract expressionism, graphic design, conceptual art, and backcountry travel.


  • Howie Rubin
    designer & founder

    Howie Rubin

    Howie has 20+ years experience collaborating with Fortune 500 companies while leading the charge at Match, an experiential marketing agency. He’s also engaged as an investor and advisor with several tech forward startups, bringing his wealth of brand, consumer and cultural knowledge into play. Howie has concepted and executed award winning campaigns for Ford, Adidas, Nike, Progressive and Microsoft to name a few.


  • Lon McGowan
    consigliere & founder

    Lon McGowan

    Lon McGowan is a serial entrepreneur and venture investor who started his first business at the age of twenty-three. He has founded or invested in an array of brands in the fields of global manufacturing, food and beverage, advertising, and consumer electronics through his agency, Canard Ventures.


  • Jon Natchez
    composer & the war on drugs

    Jon Natchez

    Jon Natchez is a composer and multi-instrumentalist. He won a 2018 Grammy as a member of The War on Drugs, was formerly a member of the acclaimed group Beirut, and has performed and recorded with David Byrne, St. Vincent, Taylor Mac, Father John Misty, and Liza Minnelli, among many others. He has composed scores for numerous films, most recently No Future (2020), The Climb (2020, winner of Coup de Coeur, Cannes 2019), and Light from Light (2019). He has contributed to over 100 albums, composing and arranging as well as playing more than 30 instruments.


  • Larry Olson
    creative director

    Larry Olson

    Larry has conspired creatively with some of the world’s most interesting people and influential organizations. He has made short films with Spike Lee and tried to save the planet with Al Gore. His work has been praised by Jon Stewart and parodied on Saturday night live. He has spoken at the UN and to Mrs. Howard’s 1st grade class. He has built creative departments, brand campaigns, and Ikea dressers. Larry has created award-winning work for Apple, Nike, and Google, and can confidently say that the Tangle Town Neighborhood Garage Sale Committee is still the most challenging client ever.


  • Eli Mishkin
    sonic strategist

    Eli Mishkin

    Eli is founder and head of strategy at Hyphenate Branding, a brand future shop. Eli is an omnivore of modern branding, including sonic strategy. He loves to fuse the science of perception with the art of sound and music. Eli believes sound is a unique branding tool - able to reach deep into the cockles of our hearts and the far reaches of our brains. His compositions have been used as startup tones on phones, in movies, at airports, and to manifest the brand essence of organic juice.


  • Mona Hasan

    Mona Hasan

    Mona Hasan is a Freelance Creative Director and Writer. Before going freelance, Mona was Creative Director at Crispin, Porter + Bogusky, developing award-winning work for all types of brands, from candy to airplanes to underwear. Mona has worked on digital initiatives for brands like Nike+, and has been recognized in Cannes, One Show, Clio, D&AD, Effies, as well as by her mom. She has a Hot Air Ballooning certification and has only crashed once.


  • Michael Halleck
    electrical engineer

    Michael Halleck

    Michael Halleck has 35 years experience as an engineer in the electronic, computer science and mechanical fields. His firm has developed products for the Mayo Clinic, National Jewish Hospital, and Johns Hopkins Hospital, to name a few. Michael is also a classically trained guitarist who performs with the Brighton Orchestra.


  • LINK
    mechanical engineer


    Since 2007, LINK has been providing product design and development consulting to clients across the country. LINK’s team of industrial designers, mechanical engineers, and project managers, along with their strong network of local manufacturers, provides a one-stop-shop for companies looking to innovate or expand their product lines. LINK has experience in markets ranging from medical devices and transportation to toys and consumer products.


  • Josiane Broussard, PhD
    professional sleep nerd

    Josiane Broussard, PhD

    Josiane Broussard, PhD is an Assistant Professor at Colorado State University and the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. She has been a sleep and circadian scientist and researcher for nearly 20 years since she got her first job out of college in a sleep lab. Her research is funded by the National Institutes of Health as well as private foundations in the US and internationally. She likes to Google sleep in art and collects pictures of friends and family asleep in cars and at parties.


  • Jesse Roman
    artist liaison

    Jesse Roman

    Jesse aka JRO is founder of Step Up World, a boutique music management, marketing, and booking agency, established in 1998. Jesse works closely with many notable artists, such as Erykah Badu, Questlove, Jazzy Jeff, and Utkarsh Ambudkar, to name a few. Jesse is also an advisor and early stage investor to various tech and blockchain companies. In addition, he co-founded Admiral Frazier, the upscale doggie clothing line, with his wife and lead designer Lashaun, and their dog Frazier. "More than a lifestyle, it’s a doggie style"


  • Vanessa Kauffman Zimmerly

    Vanessa Kauffman Zimmerly

    Vanessa is a writer and editor who works in the fields of art, architecture, design, and poetics. She is a contributor and editor at Modern in Denver magazine and has written for Art Practical, Daily Serving, Art Journal Open, Dwell, and others. She works in editorial capacities for a variety of arts nonprofits and small press publishers, and runs the collaborative project Volumes Volumes. Being a writer—with its deep listening, copious note taking, and moonlit attic work sessions—has somewhat fulfilled her childhood ambition to be a spy.