Six minimal devices designed to take the stress out of tech. 

"For generations, the go-to alarm clock was Dieter Rams’ BC series for Braun, a timeless design that remains in production with a few simple options. The vast majority of us, however, have ditched the traditional alarm clock in favour of using our phones, with all the potential for distraction that entails. In addition, the shrill array of available alarm tones is seemingly designed to jerk us out of unconsciousness, rather than ease us into the day. OneClock crowdfunded its riposte to these nightstand nightmares with a clock that goes back to basics. 

The totally silent Swiss movement is illuminated with a touch-sensitive night light and, most importantly of all, the shrill tones of the Braun BC are replaced with a specially composed piece of ‘waking music’, composed by The War on Drugs’ Jon Natchez. Aluminium, oak, glass, and hip, scientifically validated tunes come together as one."

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