Luxury Guide USA

OneClock, a hand-crafted analog alarm clock designed and manufactured in the United States from sustainably sourced materials. This is an “anti-alarm” alarm clock, its design responding to deep research into the science of sleep, deliberately minimizing distraction:

  • It is silent, has low EMF and low light emissions (with a touch-sensitive night light activated as needed).

  • There is no bluetooth, WiFi, USB ports to charge electronics.

  • There is no snooze button.

Its unique feature is its original “waking music”, composed by musicians including Jon Natchez, which is based on research from sonic strategists to analyze how to gently lift the mind out of sleep. To avoid alarm fatigue, the AI music generator randomly chooses a song.

A bronze edition, with walnut panels, launched in October 2022, expanding the three original colorways – black, white, and red.

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